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Our company offers two categories of drawer slide that are the simple drawer runner and the ball bearing slide. We are competent to provide products with diversified models, sizes, thicknesses, and load capacities, so as to fulfill your personalized demands. We also offer OEM service.

As a kind of commonly used cabinet hardware, the slide plays a critical role in motions of the door, drawer or other moving components. Actually, the performance and loading capacity of drawers in different sizes greatly depends on the slide.

We at H&Z Hardware are capable of providing customers with several types of drawer slide, such as self-closing type, concealed type, ball bearing type and metal box type.

The self-closing type of product is installed beneath the drawer with a rebounding function, so it can better hold the drawer compared with the side rail. It comprises 5 optional models whose slide tracks are all made of iron with loading capacity of 25kg.

The concealed drawer slide, placed in the middle of side panel of the drawer, can be completely pulled out, which is suitable for big items. It contains 8 models with lengths ranging from 300mm to 550mm and holding capacity of 30kg.

The ball bearing type of product is also assembled in the middle of the side panel of the drawer. It is made of special aluminum magnesium alloy featuring high intensity, superior quality and good durability. There are 9 models available. Most of these models can maximally hold 45kg weight.

Specially designed for customers with top grade application needs, the metal box type of product is furnished with an integrated damper to make the drawer move smoothly and stably. It altogether accommodates 9 models and its maximum loading capacity is 25kg to 40kg.

H&Z Hardware is a professional drawer slide manufacturer in China. We offer a wide range of products, including hinge, caster, handle, knobs, lock, lighting, furniture connection fittings, among others.

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