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Steel Swivel

The steel swivel is mostly used for supporting. It also has a function of rotating.

1. Our product is made of high-quality material with sophisticated technology.
2. Compact in structure, it is easy to install.
3. It has a large load-bearing capacity and is able to rotate flexibly without any noise.
4. This product can retain the original color even after being used for a long time.
5. It is used to rotate worktable, display stand, and other objects that require rotating.

Specifications of Steel Swivel
Item No. 29-03 29-09 29-10
Product Name Swivel Swivel Swivel
Material Steel Steel Steel
Size 7" 8" 4"
Finish Zinc plated, electrolytic Zinc plated, electrolytic Zinc plated, electrolytic
Brand Name H&Z H&Z H&Z
MOQ 500 pcs 500 pcs 500 pcs
Packaging Detail 30pcs/bag 20pcs/carton  
Carton Size   300 × 300 × 170mm  
Supply Ability 800,000 pieces per month 800,000 pieces per month 800,000 pieces per month

We are a professional steel swivel manufacturer and supplier, based in China. We provide a vast range of products, including plastic cable manager, self closing drawer slide, crystal furniture handle, adjustable furniture leg, among others.

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