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Different types of PVC and aluminium profiles are available. Meanwhile, we offer OEM service.

The edge banding is primarily utilized to encapsulate material edges to protect the materials from damage caused by the environment or negative factors, mainly referring to water, and also restrain the formaldehyde inside the materials from evaporation. In addition to the above two functions, it can also create decorative effects. Till now, this product has been extensively applied in furniture, experimental facilities, and other industries.

Our company can provide you with PVC edge banding, aluminum edge banding, and aluminium furniture profile.

The PVC edge banding is manufactured by mixing, rolling and vacuum forming techniques. Its length is from 5mm to 45mm, and height from 3.5mm to 24mm. Compared with products of its kind, our product has flat surface, medium gloss and bubble-free advantages. It is also available in either monochrome or grain color.

The aluminum edge banding is specially engineered for high-end wardrobe, bookcase, sideboard, and other furniture. Its oxidized finish not only displays delicate appearance but also prevents this product from oxidization and rust when it is exposed in the air for long time. Its length ranges from 602mm to 670mm and width from 19.8mm to 40.9 mm.

The aluminium furniture profile has 8 optional models which all have oxidized finishes. It is available in 35mm×20.3mm, 37mm×24.7mm, 22.8mm×12mm, 14.7mm×8.8mm, 69.7mm×22.1mm, 36mm×36mm, and others. We can also provide custom made size.

H&Z Hardware is a specialized edge banding manufacturer based in China. Our company also supplies kitchen sink, trash bin, crystal furniture handle, LED cabinet lighting, and more.

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