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Composed of a pair of mental leaves which are connected with the pin, the door hinge are devices used to assist swing objects, like doors, to rotate in a certain way. They are commonly found on heavy-duty doors and cabinet doors.

1. The in-built ball bearings of the door hinge allow the door to open flexibly and smoothly without any noise.
2. Featuring smooth and exquisite finish and high hardness, our products have excellent resistance to rust, corrosion and deformation.
3. With sturdy construction, our products boast long-lasting lifetime as well as easy installation and disconnection. They are still in good condition with 50kg loading when the door is opened and closed for 200,000 times.

Specifications of Door Hinge
Item No. 21-01 21-03 21-07 21-08 21-13 21-15
Product Name American hinges Frog hinges Concealed hinges Concealed hinges Hinges Piano hinges
Material Steel Steel Brass Zinc alloy Zinc alloy Steel
Finish AB, AC, BP, Nickel plated Nickel plated Original color Chrome plated, nickel plated Nickel plated Black, white
Size 70× 38.5× 18.4mm 3", 4" ¢10× 22mm, ¢12× 27mm, ¢14× 31mm, ¢16× 33mm, ¢18× 36mm, ¢24× 50mm 65× 36mm   L=1700mm
Brand Name H&Z H&Z H&Z H&Z H&Z H&Z
MOQ 50000 pcs 10000 pcs 10000 pcs 20000 pcs 10000 pcs 20000 pcs
Qty per Carton 1000 pcs 250 pcs 1000 pcs 500 pcs 200 pcs 500 pcs
Supply Ability 500,000,000 pieces per month 50,000,000 pieces per month 50,000,000 pieces per month 50,000,000 pieces per month 50,000,000 pieces per month 50,000,000 pieces per month

H&Z Hardware is a specialized door hinges manufacturer based in China. Our company also supplies self closing drawer slide, sofa leg, self closing drawer slide, cabinet gas spring, among others.

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