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We can supply most of the popular models in the world, including European and American style. What's more, our product boasts a high quality above the average, and the main models have passed SGS cycle test (50000 cycles).

The hinge is a kind of furniture hardware used to connect two objects and let them rotate in a certain way. At present, it has been extensively found on doors of cabinet and wardrobe, windows or separate doors. As far as furniture design is concerned, less attention has been placed to the paramount role of hardware while much more focus on the material quality. In practical, even a small hinge can play a critical role in lasting the lifetime and flexible operation of a door.

Our hinge solutions are available in an extensive selection, including one or two way cabinet hinge, hydraulic soft close cabinet hinge, door hinge, etc. All these products are furnished with high strength iron, brass, zinc alloy and other materials. With nickel-plated finish, our products have strong resistance to rust, abrasion and deformation. In addition, owing to the rigid construction and rational design, hinges give birth to flexible and smooth operation without any noise.    

Each series of the hinge has three models, including full or half overlay or inset type, to meet different application needs in various situations. To be specific, the full overlay hinge will be used, if the door panel fully covers the side board. If two doors share one side board, the overlay area of each door is accordingly decreased, and then the half overlay hinge can be applied. Besides, when the door is inside or next to a cabinet, there should be a gap between the door and side board to make the door opened smoothly. At this time, the inset hinge is a preferred solution. 

Our company is a specialized hinge manufacturer in China. Besides furniture leg, bedroom accessories, we also provide cabinet fittings, bathroom accessories, office supplies, and much more.

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