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Thousands of different kinds of casters for industrial, furniture and medical application are available. In addition to high-quality material, excellent workmanship, strict quality control and advanced technology, we are also committed to making the product beautiful in shape, convenient and safe in use.

We at H&Z Hardware are able to offer you an extensive range of casters. In line with application field, there are furniture, industrial, medical and shopping cart casters, while as far as bearing capacity is concerned, there are light, medium, medium heavy and heavy duty rubber casters. Besides, grey rubber and European types are also available here.

Made out of needs for low gravity center and heavy holding capacity of the furniture, the nylon furniture caster is available in 9 models which are all made of superior quality steel plate and high intensity rivets with the maximum loading capacity of 20kg to 30 kg. Along with rubber materials and double ball bearing structure, the entire rubber industrial caster has outstanding resistance to outside impacts and its maximum bearing capacity ranges from 50kg to 250kg. And currently it is mainly applied in factories or on the machinery equipment.

Designed for specific medical use, the medical caster can bear 25kg to 110kg to the largest extent and owns numerous characteristics, like variable operation, flexible steering, excellent elasticity, ultra silence, high resistance to chemical corrosion, etc. Shopping cart caster, engineered to suit actual use in supermarkets or shopping malls, can bear maximally 60kg with adaptable operation.

Generally speaking, the maximum loading capacity of light duty rubber caster is from 10kg to 90kg, medium duty type from 50kg to 150kg, medium heavy duty type from 130kg to 170kg and heavy duty type from 120kg to 250kg. As a matter of fact, no matter what kind of caster you need or where you utilize them, at H &Z Hardware, your requirements will be fully satisfied.

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