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1. Made of steel material, the steel furniture handle has a chrome or nickel-plated finish.
2. It is available in the color of chrome, pearl chrome, nickel, pearl nickel or brushed nickel.
3. Due to the simple linear appearance, this product presents unparalleled personality.
4. The distance between holes generally ranges from 96 to 608 mm.
5. This product is mounted on doors, windows, or drawers and it brings convenience for opening and closing the above-mentioned objects.

Specifications of Steel Furniture Handle
Item No. 08C-096 08C-116 08C-127
Product Name Steel handles Steel handles Steel handles
Material Steel Steel Steel
Distance Between Holes C=96mm, C=128mm C=96mm, C=128mm C=96mm, C=128mm
Brand Name H&Z H&Z H&Z
MOQ 2000 pcs 2000 pcs 2000 pcs
Qty per Carton 50 pcs 50 pcs 50 pcs
Supply Ability 5,000,000 pieces per month 5,000,000 pieces per month 5,000,000 pieces per month

Our company is a major steel furniture handle manufacturer and supplier in China. We also provide medium duty PU caster, self closing drawer slide, LED cabinet lighting, steel table leg, and more.

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