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We own over 3000 models of furniture handles and knobs. The material can be zinc alloy, aluminium steel, stainless steel, ceramic and silica gel, etc. Meanwhile, allowing for different marketing trends, we keep adding new models each year. OEM service is available.

The furniture handle is a sort of furniture hardware attached to objects, like doors, windows, drawers or cabinets, to move such objects by hand. Apart from a longer life span, a high quality handle has an unexpected decorative effect on the attached objects. Here at H&Z Hardware Company, customers can get various cabinet knobs and furniture drawer pulls.

In terms of materials, there are crystal, zinc alloy, aluminum, steel, stainless steel, ceramic and other furniture handles. Our products are designed in exquisite shapes, like tube, strip, square, and in rich colors, such as blue, green, silver, amber, purple, etc. They are also structured in single, or double-headed, exposed or enclosed styles and available in modern minimalist, European romantic, classic, advent-grade, rural or other fashions to suit your specific application needs.

Our products are made of carefully-selected materials, and have chrome-plated or imitation gold finishes. Therefore, they are endowed with fine durability and great resistance against rust and abrasion.

When selecting a handle, you should consider furniture style, function and use place. For example, the miniature single - head ball-style ceramic or crystal glass handle is suitable for using in the cabinet door of the bathroom. Because the water absorption of ceramic and glass is almost zero. During installation, please do not change the pitch or replace the parts of the product, so as to avoid damage to the product.

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