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We own over 3000 models of furniture handles and knobs. The material can be zinc alloy, aluminium steel, stainless steel, ceramic and silica gel, etc. Meanwhile, allowing for different marketing trends, we keep adding new models each year. OEM service is available.

As a common furniture hardware, cabinet knob is widely used in doors, windows, cabinets and other objects. Though compact in construction, it helps us open the door, window or draw effortlessly, bringing great convenience for our daily life. By virtue of over 15 years of experience in the furniture accessory industry, our company is able to provide you with a full range of high-quality knobs.

Based on the use of different materials, our products are divided into crystal type, zinc alloy type, ceramic type, zinc alloy and ceramic type, zinc alloy and wood type, etc.

The crystal cabinet knob is ideal for household or high-grade occasion applications. It has a crystal appearance and is available in transparent, pink, blue, green, amber, purple, and diamond colors.

As the name suggests, the zinc alloy cabinet knob adopts zinc alloy material. The chrome-plated or imitation gold finish makes the product show high-grade mental texture. It is mainly installed on doors, windows, and drawers.

Using the healthy ceramic material, the ceramic cabinet knob can be designed with animal patterns and spray finishing in different colors according to your specific requirements. It is suitable for cabinets in children's bedrooms.

The zinc alloy and ceramic cabinet knob shows unique appeal with the combination of antique and modern designs. It is available in antique copper, green bronze and silver colors.

The zinc alloy and wood cabinet knob has a zinc alloy frame and wooden central part. With a simple linear design, it is perfect for furniture in the modern simple style.

As a specialized cabinet knobs manufacturer and supplier in China, we also offer furniture connection fittings, furniture leg, bedroom accessories, cabinet fittings, bathroom accessories, and much more.

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