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Our furniture locks enjoys a decent price. They can be used for wood and glass furniture.

A furniture lock is a kind of fastening device. Fixing it on security doors, cabinets or drawers can protect your things or privacy. Our company mainly provides drawer lock and glass door lock.

The drawer lock has 8 models for option whose main parts are constructed of high-strength zinc alloy material. And the surface is chrome or nickel-plated, ensuring excellent resistance to abrasion, corrosion and impact. Available in various specifications, like D19 × 22mm, D19 × 26mm, D19×32mm, D19×38mm, D22×22mm, D20×20mm, D16.5×20mm, D19×20mm, our product can meet your different needs. Its accessories mainly include 2 keys, one decorative ring, and one striking plate.

The glass door lock is primarily installed on glass doors and it is extensively used in individual housing, office, hotel, and other places. There are altogether 5 models for option which are all made of high quality alloy, so they feature high strength and excellent impact resistance. The nickel or chrome-plated finish not only supplies a bright and clean surface but also makes the product resist against corrosion. Available in D19 × 26mm, D18.5×16mm, D33×27.3× L143mm, D26.5×22.8×L119.5mm and D26.5×22.8×L119.5mm specifications, it can meet your various requirements.

As a specialized furniture lock manufacturer based in China, H&Z Hardware also supplies drawer slide, hinge, caster, handle, office supplies, cabinet support, door closing fittings, kitchen accessories, and much more.

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