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We offer loads of furniture lighting used for kitchen cabinet, bedroom and bathroom cabinet. Most come with LED light sources of long lift time and new designs.

With improvement of life quality, the furniture lighting not only serves as a illumination tool but also creates unexpected decorative effects. An appropriate light fixture can make the whole space look integrated and coordinated and meanwhile save a lot of energy.

Adopting high-quality LED light source, all of our lighting products are highly energy-saving and environmentally-friendly. Compared with ordinary incandescent and fluorescent lamps, our LED lamp can save electricity by up to 90%. This means that when creating the same brightness, the power consumption of our product is only 1/10 of that of ordinary incandescent lamp and 1/2 of the fluorescent lamp. Furthermore, our light fixture will not do any harm to people. Driven by direct current, it is free from flicker, causing no damage to human eyes. Without infrared and ultraviolet rays, it is radiation-free, thus it is harmless to people's health.

Our product is classified into LED cabinet lighting and LED light strip. The former product is mainly used in kitchens, wardrobes, showcases in shopping malls and other places. Since its LED light source generates less heat, the cabinet light is ideal for objects highly sensitive to heat. Furthermore, it can also be used in bedrooms. The LED light strip is composed of uniformly distributed LED SMD lamp beads and light strip wirings. It can be made into any shape and fastened onto surface of any objects. It can emit light in a variety of colors, so it is ideal for bars, KTV, ballrooms, and other similar places.

As an experienced furniture lighting manufacturer based in China, we also supply caster, handle, knobs, lock, door closing fittings, kitchen accessories, edge banding, and much more.

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