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Our furniture connecting fittings contain screws, min fix, board and shelf support, etc. Here you can enjoy the pleasing one-stop purchase of these fittings.

The furniture connection fittings refer to furniture hardware connecting and fastening components in manufacturing furniture. They are widely used on doors, windows, desks and cabinets. Though small in volume, the connecting fitting also plays a critical part in keeping proper operation of furniture.

In terms of functions, the connecting fitting can be divided into steel furniture screws, steel furniture staple, steel furniture angle bracket, furniture connection part, board clamp and shelf support. The steel furniture screws is a kind of furniture fastener which can gradually fasten the furniture with the help of its thread and friction. Made of superior quality steel with zinc costing, all these screw products feature sturdy construction and great resistance against corrosion and rust.

Steel staple is a sort of staple used in staple gun. Currently it has extensive application in decoration, furniture manufacture and shoe making industries. The staples we supply here have sharp tips and their legs are not easily deformed. Different finishes, such as zinc plating, imitation gold or antique copper, make the staple beautiful and durable.

Angle bracket is applicable to glass shelf. It is available in white, black, brown, and other colors. The furniture connection parts house an embedded nut, a connecting rod and an eccentric part. The integration of these three components allows the furniture to be repeatedly assembled and disassembled while reducing the amount of adhesive.

Adopting high quality zinc alloy material, the board clamp is used to fix ends of the boards made of glass or other materials. The shelf support, commonly found in cabinets with different layers, is used to support the partition board. Here at H&Z Hardware company we supply shelf supports made of plastic, zinc alloy, glass, or iron.

As an experienced furniture connection fittings manufacturer and supplier in China, we offer a wide variety of products, including drawer slide, hinge, caster, handle, knobs, lock, lighting, furniture leg, and much more.

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