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Furniture legs made of steel at competitive prices are available. In addition, we have a full range of table and sofa legs made of other materials, such as zinc alloy, aluminium, plastics, and so on.

The furniture leg, as a practical furniture accessory, is commonly assembled on objects, like table, sofa, cabinet, etc. to support these furniture, and some products can adjust the furniture height. With 15 years of experience in the furniture accessory industry, our company is able to provide you with a series of beautiful, high-quality products.

The furniture leg we offer at H&Z Hardware includes steel table leg, sofa leg, and adjustable furniture leg. The steel table leg is made of high quality iron. Its surface is processed with dusting and electroplating technologies so as to help the product maintain good shape and resist aging and rust. Featuring great stability and convenient assembling, the steel table leg adds elegance and modern sense to the dining table, office table, meeting table and other tables.

The sofa leg is available in iron, zinc alloy, plastics, iron and aluminum, aluminum and plastics, as well as aluminum and zinc alloy materials. Furthermore, to satisfy your individual requirement, there are also two kinds of sofa legs with one capable of adjusting the sofa height and the other not.

The adjustable furniture leg can adjust the furniture height and makes the furniture balanced. It is generally applied to small electrical appliances, fitness equipment, and so on. Their bases are made of PA which gives the product high hardness and good abrasion resistance.

H&Z Hardware is a specialized furniture leg manufacturer in China. Apart from plastic cutlery tray, self closing drawer slide, we also offer cabinet gas spring, glss door handle, among others.

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