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As a kind of commonly used cabinet hardware, the slide plays a critical role in motions of the door, drawer or other moving components. Actually, the performance and loading capacity of drawers in different sizes greatly depends on the slide.
We at H&Z Hardware are capable of supplying customers self-closing drawer slide, concealed drawer slide, ball bearing drawer slide and soft closing drawer slide. To illustrate, the self-closing drawer slide is installed beneath the drawer with a rebounding function, so it can better hold the drawer compared with the side slides. It comprises 5 optional models whose slide tracks are all made of iron with loading capacity of 25kg.

The hinge is a kind of furniture hardware used to connect two objects and let them rotate in a certain way. At present, it has been extensively found on doors of cabinet and wardrobe, windows or separate doors. As far as furniture design is concerned, less attention has been placed to the paramount role of hardware while much more focus on the material quality. In practical, even a small hinge can play a critical role in lasting the lifetime and flexible operation of a door.

We at H&Z Hardware are able to offer you an extensive range of casters. In line with application field, there are furniture, industrial, medical and shopping cart casters, while as far as bearing capacity is concerned, there are light, medium, medium heavy and heavy duty rubber casters. Besides, grey rubber and European types are also available here.

The handle is a sort of furniture hardware attached to objects, like doors, windows, drawers or cabinets, to move such objects by hand. Apart from a longer life span, a high quality handle has an unexceptional decorative effect on the attached objects. Here at H&Z Hardware Company, customers are capable of accessing to various furniture handles.

Owing to over 10 years of experience in the hardware industry, H&Z Hardware has developed and manufactured a full range of hardware and accessories in aspects of furniture, building and other fields, such as drawer slide, caster, bedroom accessories, cabinet fittings, furniture connection fittings, etc. At present, these products have been sold to a variety of countries and regions and well appreciated among our customers for superior quality and long-lasting reliability.

Our company has a specialized mold workshop and a processing center in which independent mold development, design, manufacture and maintenance can be carried out by our proficient mold design engineers and workers in accordance with each individual requirement of customer.

Moreover, the full range of our products is manufactured under the guidance of the strict quality inspection and production management systems. With abundant focus on the product quality, the whole production process is subject to a series of tests from raw material purchasing through to production, processing and delivery procedures. Generally, each batch of goods is required to undergo successive gravity tests and salt spray tests prior to shipment. And only the products keeping good shape and color can be eventually transported to our customers. The finished products are placed neatly in warehouses with good ventilation and appropriate temperature and humidity. And stored goods are in complete conformity to FIFO principle and will not be stored overtime to further facilitate the product quality management. Also, products are packaged according to actual transportation needs.

With more than 10 years of experience in the hardware industry, the H&Z Hardware has been granted as one of qualified exhibitors of Foreign and Domestic Furniture Hardware Exhibition and has founded a complete sales network in over 40 countries from five continents, such as America, Brazil, Russia, Britain, France, Italy, India, Sweden, Australia, etc. We also have a well-established manufacture and sales training system. And by now, there are over 60 employees, among whom 20 are prominent professional foreign sales personnel.

All of our products are constructed of qualitative materials purchased from renowned manufacturers in a centralized way, thus effectively reducing the purchasing costs. Besides, the optimizing of loading lines of outsourcing plants has greatly decreases the empty loading rate. We at H&Z Hardware enjoy a sound organizational structure and excellent management and production system, significantly lowering production costs and plant rent. Also, ancillary facilities are well-established in the production area. In addition, the H&Z Hardware company is situated in Guangzhou City which is one of the world famous port cities and the largest and oldest foreign trade port in southern China. Therefore, our products are endowed with the convenient transportation and lower transportation charges to a large extent.